Terms and Conditions

  1.  Term, Project Timeline and Delay.
    1. Services will commence upon execution of this Agreement and will continue unless terminated by either Party, in accordance with above 30 day notice.
    2. Company will make reasonable efforts to meet agreed upon due dates related to the project deliverables.
    3. Client acknowledges that any delays in communication with Company or in providing deliverables for which Client is responsible, may result in delay to the project schedule and marketing results. Examples of Client delay that could delay the entire project, include but are not limited to the following:
      1. delay in responding to Company’s communications to Client;
      2. delay in making payments to Company;
      3. cancelling and rescheduling meetings.
    4. If Client fails to deliver content that it is responsible for, Company may complete the project deliverable to the extent possible without the deliverable information. Upon doing so, Company may collect full payment for the project deliverable as if the project deliverable were completed in full.
    5. If at any time, Client requests that Company create additional content for Client, Company may charge Client for said additional content at a reasonable rate.
  2. Waiver of Liability. Client acknowledges that Company has no control over changes to search engine policies or algorithms used by third party companies such as Google and Bing. At any time, Client’s social media content may lose rankings or be excluded from any search engine at the sole discretion of such third party company.
  3. Payment for Services. Payments will be made in the following manner:
    1. Monthly Fee. Client will be charged three hundred fifty dollars ($350.00) per calendar month, in return for the services provided by the Company. Payment must be remitted no later than _5th__ day of each month.
    2. Late Charges. Payments received five (6) day or more after the due date may be subject to a $25.00 late charge.
    3. Method of Payment. Company will accept the following payment methods: check, cash, credit card, money order or wire transfer.