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Social Media Stats You Won’t Believe!

We’ve told you in another blog post about the immense effect social media is having on consumer buying habits and a business’ advertising needs. Social media is a marketing tool that companies are learning to use to greater advantage more each day. Still, too many ignore the rapidly growing impact of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest are having. Some of these social media deniers simply need to see some cold hard statistics in order to accept reality. For those evidence-based types out there this blog is for you.


Let’s start with the biggest social media platform of all: Facebook. With nearly two billion users, no other social media network is as large as Facebook. Nearly 80 percent of Facebook users are active on the site every single month and Facebook drives 23% of all traffic on the Internet. That amount of people clicking through Facebook on such a regular basis is reason enough to understand why taking advantage of such a powerful advertising tool is important.


Twitter has 320 million monthly active users and 100 million daily active users. An average of two percent of those users click a link which means there’s a chance that two million people could see a post and follow it to your business. Twitter’s avenue to revenue works even better (18% better) when an image is attached to a post.


The “professional” social media site. LinkedIn targets an audience that often falls through the cracks of Twitter and Facebook. But don’t think of this as LinkedIn receiving scraps, it’s quite the opposite. Forty-one percent of millionaires use LinkedIn and the site boasts 400 million monthly users. Another amazing stat: LinkedIn averages one new user every two seconds making it one of the fastest growing social media platforms out there.


In an increasingly visual and icon-centric world, Instagram is firmly leading the pack. Nearly 33 percent of American teenagers (read: future customers) say Instagram is the most important social media platform. Large, eye-popping images are often more likely to draw consumer attention and research shows user engagement with brands on Instagram is dramatically higher than Facebook or Twitter.


It’s not an accident that this article ended with the two most visually-based of all social media platforms. Pinterest, like Instagram, focuses on large images to generate user traffic and it works better than most people realize. Pinterest generates an average of 400 percent MORE revenue per click than Twitter and 27 percent more than Facebook all while having only a fraction of the monthly active users (100 million). However, according to studies, that relatively small base of Pinterest users will spend an average of $160 on e-commerce sites compared to an average of $70 spent by Facebook users.

Are you still a social media denier? If the current influence of social media isn’t enough to sway you, then consider the future of your business. Nearly every social media statistic you see here is on pace to rise as younger adults, having grown up with social media as a part of their daily lives, become regular consumers. The future of your business starts with smart use of social media today.

Source: Pace Feed

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