Social MediaRole of Social MediaI Is It A Part Of Your Marketing Strategy?

Role of Social MediaI Is It A Part Of Your Marketing Strategy?

Facebook is 12 years old this year, Twitter turns 10, and Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and the like aren’t far behind. Social Media is a new household buzzword that everyone knows, few understand, and even fewer businesses take full advantage of. For many businesses, not using Social Media can make or break the bottom line — profits. Big businesses have reshaped budgets to include a robust social media presence, but for small businesses, a social media manager provides a cost-efficient tool with an incredible return on investment.

The first and most obvious advantage to using social media is advertising. Think of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the rest as the ultimate word-of-mouth or (living billboard) that can spread in mere minutes instead of days or longer. With the right social media presence, your business will be on the lips of customers everywhere, including reaching potential new clients that conventional advertising might miss. Facebook ad tools, for instance, let you target broad or specific audiences depending on your needs or desires. With such flexibility and using information from online traffic, a social media manager can customize ads to strengthen a core customer base or draw in entirely new types of customers.

Knowing how to use ad tools correctly is only the first part of a social media manager’s job.  With an understanding of the target audience, content is created to embolden potential customers and draw them to you with a call to action. Whether it’s a stream of tweets, in-depth blogs, or the creation of memes, the social media manager will create the content your business needs and get those modern-day ads in front of the people who need and want to see it.

Both established and emerging customers seek authenticity and connectivity from the products and companies they support. Social media creates a door for businesses and customers to share connectivity that’s never existed before. Customer feedback in the 21st century is nearly instant which gives your business the advantage of being able to adapt quickly to the needs of the people paying for your products or services. A social media presence lets you create an identity for your company that will further connect people to you and what you sell. In short, social media will set up and increase brand loyalty.

What does a Social Media Manager do? They organize a stream of posts, blogs, memes, and more to keep your presence active while taking advantage of all the promotional avenues social media has to offer. By making use of keyword/phrase terms in blogs and other written content the Social Media Manager will help drive users to your business; using hashtags, trending topics, and intelligent, well-timed posts to reach audiences far beyond most any other form of advertising.

Many companies did not take advantage of radio or television when they became the American standard form of communication and advertisement and have since disappeared from the landscape. Social media and the Internet have become the new American and global standard. Is your business taking advantage of social media the way it should be?

At Pace Setting Media we work hard to connect and engage with your current and potential clients. We consider each and every post carefully to make sure it matches the philosophy of your company.

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