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In A World Of Infinite Choices How To Stay Relevant

We are all aware that our customers attention is fleeting. There is a constant  battle raging to keep the spot light on your  product, brand, service, and idea.  In the old days marketers told the consumer what to buy, how to think, what to need. That is not the case today.  Todays marketing ship is being steered by the consumer and it is the marketing persons job to keep up with course they are setting.

The newest way to stand out is by providing  information and background on the product or service in a way that is not directly touting your product or service, but by educating  the consumer and by doing so leading them gently back to you as the provider. We call this race “Creating Content”  and this generates  a prolific amount of information to be pushed onto social media. So we see tidalwaves of articles and blog post with titles like “52 ways to improve your life, business,whatever”   all to educate and  create content for pages.  But in this great race are we losing sight of what we really should be telling our customers?

The consumer is looking to feel connected to a product and its story.  In an age where we conduct most of our interactions electronically, it is critical that the human aspect is still there.  That feeling of connection to another and understanding of purpose or product.  This comes in many forms, some companies gain followings because they are great crusaders for a cause, some because of the organic way the company grew from nothing, but what is important to note here, is that the consumer became  connected because of something about that companys roots.

When looking at what to put out content wise, companies should ask themselves the following questions:

1. What is our story?

2. Why do we have a passion for this?

3. What do we hope to contribute by doing this?

Once these questions are answered and shared with your market, you have created an opportunity for the consumer to gain buy in on what your company is trying to accomplish.  The consumer now feels like they are part of this team, effort, or movement. If you have told your story well there is even the chance of an emotional connection between your customer and your company.

This is what  sets you apart from your competition and gives your client the reason to choose you.  With all the choices out on the market, its not good enough to just say well we are the best so that is why people will choose us.  It goes beyond just adding product value, equally important is the ability to give your customer an emotional experience that puts the  customer in your shoes, just as you have to place yourself in your customers shoes in understanding how your product or service will fit into their life. The customer needs to feel that they fit into the life of the company, creating a symbiotic relationship is the key.

Source: Pace Feed

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