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Creating Content for Connections

“Don’t compete for the moment. Compete for meaning. When you do, you’ll find that people care because they want to…because you earned it.” – Brian Solis, Altimeter Group (from Bernadette Jiwa, MEANINGFUL)

When we are creating content, it should go beyond how many people it will engage. Content creation is an opportunity to share your vision and point of view on a certain topic or problem that you feel needs to be addressed.

Many use the blog format as their personal soap box or stump speech. One way to write a blog is to adopt a “Look at me!” approach and to try to draw attention by being as controversial as possible.  However, another way to look at content creation is to let your customers know that you see and hear them and can relate to what they are facing by discussing the situation or problem that is of concern to them.  Previously I have written about social crowding, in my blog “Social Crowding: Your Standing on My News Feed” I discuss how everyone’s feed is crowded with others trying to gain attention and marketers are aware and try to use the blog to sell and gain attention. But is the “look at me” tactic the wrong tactic to take?  Should it even be utilized as a tactic? I say no.

When you talk or write about topics that are relevant to your client with sincerity and honesty they will reward you with acknowledgement and a following.  As individuals, we choose to follow those that speak to us, not at us. We look for a connection in the writing that links our perception of the problem to how we might address it. To me this is the purpose of content creation. It is a place for like minds to join in the pursuit of an answer to a problem or question. It also allows you, as the business, to show your client that you do listen and that you are responsive to what they are saying.  This technique is a complete turnaround from the way marketing was done in the past. Gone are the days of telling the public you need this product because x,y,z.  Today the power is in the hands of the consumer, to say to company or the world: “This is my problem, and I would love to see it fixed like this.” Only through listening and responding with answers that meet the needs of our customers are we able to establish this kind of dialogue. Dialogue that helps build and retain long-term customer loyalty.

Source: Pace Feed

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