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Companys That Don’t​ Need Social Media

Everywhere you look on social media you see 15 ways to improve your Twitter following or 7 ways to use your Facebook page for business. But what if I made the argument that Social Media isn’t for everyone or every business?  I started to think about which businesses wouldn’t benefit from a social media presence. The first thing that came to mind was trash disposal. Upon giving it more thought, I realized that waste management probably could benefit a lot from social media. As a source of understanding on how things get recycled and of how things get disposed of once collected.  I continued to ponder this line of thought; I was sure there was an industry that would not benefit from social media.


Next, I thought about medical facilities. Why would they need to market themselves on social media?  People get sick, they go to the Doctor and get referred by other doctors.  Boom, built in network, no need for social media.  I continued to think about it; I realized medical facilities could use social media not just to market themselves to people that have moved into the area and haven’t established a human network. They could also use social media to connect with patients by providing information on the diseases and cures that they, as a clinic practice.

Finding an industry that didn’t need social media was now getting a little difficult.  I was determined to figure out a way to show that social media is not for everyone.

Thinking, thinking… surely there is an industry that would not reap any benefits from social media.  I went to the great big book of industries and started looking; Agribusiness, Business unions, Cattle ranchers, Drug manufacturers… on and on I went down the list of industries.  Every single time I thought I had an industry, I would realize there was a way for that industry to utilize social media in some way, either by informing people or connecting people.

As I scoured the internet to find an industry that was not in need of social media, I really couldn’t find one.  Social Media has become such an integral part of our communication, not just on an individual level but a community and world level.

When you are giving thought to your social media presence, especially as an entrepreneur or new small business. It is really important to think about what it is you want to achieve through your use of social networking.  I am talking about Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Tumblr, and Pinterest as well as others. Each network is best suited to a different demographic that you have to consider. Secondly, you have to ask how these individuals are using these networks to make your connection in the right way.

Let’s look at how some of these networks are best utilized.

LinkedIn – This network is strictly a business connecting and networking page. With LinkedIn, you can hone in on the group you want to share your services and information with directly through their groups. Then you want to leverage this by connecting with influencers so that you can benefit from the knowledge and insight of others in your profession.  I find LinkedIn the best place to share “lessons learned” in business.

Facebook for business to me is the ideal place to show the softer side of you or your company. A lot of businesses today use Facebook to share pictures of conference attendance and to give insight into the behind the scenes. To have a more human or softer side for customers to relate to many companies choose to use Facebook. These companies achieve this by introducing their teams or people at the top of the company hierarchy.

Twitter is a network for getting the word out fast to the world. You have 140 characters to have an impact on your client and potential client base.  Twitter to me is about being witty and yet sharp enough to get your point across in a limited way. Using images on Twitter helps get around the character limitations, but still you need to know how to say it in pictures and not just words.

Tumblr works best for a company that likes to blog and share images. Tumblr lets you upload video and photos easily.  Why should or would a company blog?  Sharing information is even more vital to connecting to clients than actually pushing product. Most customers will research before deciding on purchasing or contacting a vendor. Being part of the research by providing information on your industry makes you or your business a trusted source. Being trusted, in turn, leads the customer to choose your business as their service provider.

Now we come back to the origins of this article, is there anybody that shouldn’t use social media for marketing? The answer is a resounding no! With all the different venues to choose from, there is something for everyone to learn from and use on social media. You just have to find the right network for your business.

Source: Pace Feed

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