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Ain’t No One Got Time for That!

The small business owner is hard at work, working either on their business or in their business to keep things running smoothly. They don’t have time to market or sit on social media engaging clients. There are not enough hours in the day to cover everything else that needs to get done.

Though business owners know that social media marketing is cost effective with a monthly low-cost payment verses the thousands in upfront costs for advertisements on billboards or Google ad spends. It still seems too much of a hurdle for many of them to jump. It’s not the money so much but the time they have to devote to it but the effort required to do it right, consistently.

One of the things I like to point out to business owners when we sit down and discuss social media, is the fact that I am going to cost them less per hour to do their social media than it does for them to do it. How can that be? Well, many business owners do not put value on their time. If you think of your time as a commodity you will see that the 6 hours a week that it takes the average business owner to do their social media well would be better spent actually working with a client or doing something else to move their business forward.
Think about it, what do you charge someone for your service? Break that cost down by the hour. It is costing you far more in those 6 hours (based on national average) to create, cultivate and execute a social media marketing plan, than it would have cost you had you signed up with Pace Setting Media to do it for you.

Not all social media managers are the same, many want to charge you by the post or by the social media channel. At Pacesetting Media, we believe that a monthly flat rate is a more equitable and fair way to provide compensation for the work we do.

I’m Not Creative
You might have a metal fabrication company, or you might own a lawn care company, that does not make you a graphic artist or a video editor. Now, if you have that skill set on top of the others, GREAT! But it is not typically the case. Social media is an ever-changing space and currently trending towards video ads and postings. It goes beyond an app to vlogs and snippets of information that can be watched or listened to in small bites. It is the job of the social media manager to stay on top of the trends and to constantly come up with new ways to engage your audience.

When you engage with Pacesetting Media, you are getting more than just a social media manager, you are getting a marketing team. We will brainstorm with you and find new ways to engage your audience. We will work hard to keep your social media feeds active and visually interesting at all times. Customers don’t want to look at the same static ad every time they visit your page. We provide carefully and diligently curated posts for your social media feeds on a daily basis.

When you are ready to take your social media marketing to the next level, call on the team at Pacesetting Media. Because Social Media Marketing is a Marathon, not a sprint.

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