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Founded in July 2015, Pace Setting Media emerged as a dedicated social media management firm. Our mission is to seamlessly integrate with the sales teams of every company we collaborate with. We diligently work to grasp the precise audience our clients aim to connect with, often unveiling insights that might have eluded the clients themselves.

With Pace Setting Media at the helm of your social media, you’re guaranteed a caliber of service that transcends any past experiences with other management companies.

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    Wendy Pace


    Pace Setting Media Where "Givers Gain" Transforms Businesses

    Discover the unparalleled commitment of Wendy Pace, the visionary behind Pace Setting Media, as she embodies the renowned ethos of “Givers Gain,” a cornerstone principle of the esteemed BNI networking franchise. At Pace Setting Media, this principle isn’t just a saying – it’s a way of life taken to extraordinary heights.

    Danielle Shipp

    Social Media Manager

    Al Shaver

    Photographer/Video Editor/Social Media Manager

    Lisa Harrison

    Social Media Manager

    For Wendy, the philosophy is clear: when an opportunity arises to mend, improve, or assist, and you possess the capability to enact that change, the responsibility to act becomes absolute. Procrastination is not an option; action is imperative. This creed governs not only her personal convictions but also her professional approach.

    Drawing parallels between her personal values and business strategy, Wendy’s mission is unwavering – to empower a multitude of small and medium-sized enterprises through the dynamic realm of social media marketing. What sets Wendy apart is her unwavering dedication; she embodies your vision as passionately as you do, sometimes even more so.

    Together with her accomplished team, Wendy cultivates a firm belief in their mission and its pivotal role in your triumph. Pace Setting Media isn’t just a service; it’s a committed partner invested in your triumph.

    Experience the Pace Setting Media difference today, where the spirit of “Givers Gain” propels businesses to unprecedented heights. Embrace the potential of your enterprise with a team that believes in it as fervently as you do.

    Our passion spreads into our community!

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